The Skirmish System from 1.0 was a short-lived addition to the game. Added in 1.23, it would only see a few months of use before the servers shut down. Skirmish dropped unique weapons that contained materia slots, which was highly desirable for end-game players.

follow url Giantsgall Claws


Stats: DMG 130, INT +5, ACC +10, MEVA +10, delay 3.3, DPS 39.39, blunt
Equip: level 50 (required), PGL, MNK
Buy: – (sell: 6,936 gil)
Pugilist’s Arm,  enter Convertable: Yes,  watch Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall Longbow


Stats: DMG 106, DEX +5, ACC +10, MEVA +10, delay 4.2, DPS 38.57, projectile
Equip: level 50 (required), ARC, BRD
Buy: – (sell: 7,140 gil)
Archer’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall Trident


Stats: DMG 146, PIE +5, ACC +10, MEVA +10, delay 3.7, DPS 39.46, piercing
Equip: level 50 (required), LNC, DRG
Buy: – (sell: 7,140 gil)
Lancer’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall Longstaff


Stats: DMG 70, INT +5, MACC +10, MEVA +10, MPOT +10, Spell interrupt resist +50, delay 4.3, DPS 16.28, blunt
Equip: level 50 (required), THM, BLM
Buy: – (sell: 7,242 gil)
Two-handed Thaumaturge’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall Longsword


Stats: DMG 115, MND +5, ACC +10, MEVA +10, delay 3, DPS 38.33, slashing
Equip: level 50 (required), GLA, PLD
Buy: – (sell: 5,304 gil)
Gladiator’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall Cane


Stats: DMG 70, MND +5, MACC +10, MEVA +10, Healing MPOT +12, Spell interrupt resist +50, delay 4.3, DPS 16.28, blunt
Equip: level 50 (required), CNJ, WHM
Buy: – (sell: 7,446 gil)
Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes

Giantsgall War Axe


Stats: DMG 169, VIT +5, ACC +10, MEVA +10, delay 4.3, DPS 39.3, slashing
Equip: level 50 (required), MRD, WAR
Buy: – (sell: 7,344 gil)
Marauder’s Arm, Convertable: Yes, Meldable: Yes



Final Fantasy XIV 1.0’s attribute and materia system was completely different than the current version of the game. Here’s a more detailed look on what the specific differences were.
(Source: 1.0 Lodestone)

Strength (STR)

  • Increased damage dealt by physical attacks
  • Increased damage prevented when blocking attacks with a shield

Vitality (VIT)

  • Reduced damage taken from physical attacks
  • Increased maximum HP

Dexterity (DEX)

  • Increased accuracy of physical attacks
  • Increased chances of evading physical attacks
  • Increased critical hit rate of physical attacks and resulting damage
  • Increased parry rate for certain weapons

Intelligence (INT)

  • Increased damage dealt by magic attacks

Mind (MND)

  • Reduced damage taken from magic attacks
  • Increased maximum MP

Piety (PIE)

  • Reduced chances of your magic attacks being resisted
  • Increased your chance of resisting magic attacks of others


  • Increased damage dealt by attacks of that element
  • Reduced damage taken from attacks of the opposing element

Disciplines of War & Magic

The game still recommended the same stats for the war & magic classes. However, magic’s stats weren’t that straightforward.

Magic Type Attribute
Offensive (attack/counter) INT
Healing, Defensive MND
Absorb, Damage over Time (DoT) PIE

Discipline of the Land & Hand
This was the truly bizarre part of 1.0. Disciples of the hand & land had recommended stats too. The reason for this was because the game allowed you to play through it entirely as a Disciple of the hand or land! So the recommended stats for land were:

Class Attribute
Miner VIT, MND
Botanist STR, INT
Fisher DEX, PIE

Disciples of the Hand:

Class Related Attribute
Main Hand Tool Off Hand Tool
Carpenter VIT DEX
Blacksmith STR MND
Armorer VIT STR
Goldsmith DEX INT
Leatherworker VIT INT
Weaver DEX MND
Alchemist INT PIE
Culinarian MND PIE


The materia system, added in 1.19, was very cumbersome compared to today’s system. Not mentioned in the video was the fact that certain materia could only be melded in specific types of gear as well.

Materia such as Lifethirst could only be attached to legs and shield.

Strength and Dexterity could only be melded to body gear, while Mind and Intelligence could only be melded to head gear. In a way it did make sense.

If you want the full stats of the old materia, I recommend checking out this article from Final Fantasy Wiki!