In Case You Missed It; Distant Worlds IV is Now Available!

The Distant Worlds concert production features music compiled from the long lineage of FINAL FANTASY titles and by composer Nobuo Uematsu. Under the direction of acclaimed conductor Arnie Roth, the concerts are performed by symphony orchestra, choir, and renowned vocal and instrumental soloists.

Distant Worlds IV: More Music from Final Fantasy (released June 30th) features two tracks from Final Fantasy XIV; “Dragonsong” by Nobuo Uematsu with vocals from Susan Colloway, and “Torn From The Heavens” by Masayoshi Soken. This is in addition to “Answers” which can be found in Distant Worlds III. You can listen to Distant Worlds IV and the previous three orchestral albums on Spotify. 

Long-time fans will also be treated to a few classic compositions as well! Quintessential tracks like Final Fantasy VII’s “One Winged Angel”and other beautiful works such as Final Fantasy VIII’s “Fisherman’s Horizon” are available for your listening pleasure!

If you manage to attend a concert live you will be treated to a full multi-media experience with HD Final Fantasy videos projected onto giant screens. Distant Worlds truly is a thrill for the senses for fledgling fans and veteran alike! 

Distant Worlds in Calgary, 21st of May 2017. 

The Distant Worlds Concerts are held in a myriad of venues the around the world. The Chicago Symphony Center will be hosting a performance on the Sixteenth of September, and the Royal Albert Hall of London on November the Fourth. For more in regards to ticket information and other concerts, visit the Official Distant Worlds Concert Site for details!

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