New Optional Items Available and Summer Sale on the Mog Station!

New items have been added for purchase in the Mog Station!

These items include the following:

  • Emote: Go Go Posing Ranger Pose Set ($7.50)
  • Emote: Red Ranger Pose A and B ($3.00)
  • Emote: Black Ranger Pose A and B ($3.00)
  • Emote: Yellow Ranger Pose A and B ($3.00)
  • Legacy Warrior Attire ($5.00)
  • Moonfire Faire Orchestrion Roll ($3.00)
  • Deluxe Oriental Wind Chime ($5.00)
  • Limited Edition Firefly Lamp ($5.00)

There is also a sale going on right now that has previously obtainable Summer seasonal event items for 30% off!! Look at the slideshow below for a preview for the new additions and the items on sale!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

$2.10 (from $3.00)

  • Southern Seas Vest (♂)
  • Striped Southern Seas Vest(♂)
  • Southern Seas Trunks (♂)
  • Southern Seas Swimsuit (♀)
  • Striped Southern Seas Swimsuit (♀)
  • Southern Seas Tanga (♀)

$3.50 (from $5.00)

  • Men’s Red Summer Set
  • Men’s Green Summer Set
  • Men’s Blue Summer Set
  • Men’s Solar Summer Set
  • Men’s Lunar Summer Set
  • Men’s Black Sumer Set
  • Men’s Striped Summer Set
  • Women’s Red Summer Set
  • Women’s Green Summer Set
  • Women’s Blue Summer Set
  • Women’s Solar Summer Set
  • Women’s Lunar Summer Set
  • Women’s Summer Morning Set
  • Women’s Striped Summer Set
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