Patch 4.0.6 arrives August 8th, bringing Summoner and Machinist adjustments

Hot on the heels of Patch 4.0.5 comes Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch, Patch 4.0.6. Although it won’t be bringing any new content to the game, an interview with Naoki Yoshida has revealed that job adjustments will be coming on August 8th, 2017. He cited Summoner and Machinist as specific jobs that will be adjusted, likely in the form of buffs to address player complaints about how either job plays. While the interview is in Japanese, Reddit user elevenmile posted an English translation of the announcement, which we’ve reproduced below.

“August 8th is where Patch 4.0.6 hits — it comes with job adjustments.

“Summoners will see adjustments, too.

“Some systems will have to change for this, but as expected, it will have to take time. For now, the adjustments will be performed based on the data they obtained.

“Machinists will see adjustments, too.”

Since the launch of Stormblood, players have complained that Summoner has a long “ramp-up time” compared to other DPS, especially Red Mages and Black Mages. The long ramp-up time results in mistakes or interruptions from mechanics significantly reducing Summoner damage output. This is contrary to Stormblood’s job design goal in making jobs overall less dependent on flawless execution and perfect play.

Machinist players have also voiced similar concerns about their job’s performance compared to Bards. Specifically, the common sentiment is that Machinist isn’t fun to play with its new Heat gauge mechanic and that the job is harder than Bard, but does less damage. The end result is that a lot of players have switched from Summoner or Machinist to other jobs, sometimes even due to pressure from other players to play a “good” job and not a “bad” one.

Image credit: Final Fantasy Wiki

What will the patch bring?

Patch 4.0.6 is unlikely to bring any significant overhauls to how either job plays. After all, the patch isn’t a major content patch, and it’s being done in response to recent player data probably since Patch 4.0.5, which also targeted specific jobs for small tweaks and adjustments. It seems like the developers, while they’re responding to players, are taking an overall conservative approach to adjusting jobs and adjusting them incrementally. This is better for the game in the long run, lest we have a repeat of Heavensward’s heavy-handed Astrologian buffs that left White Mages outclassed from Patch 3.4 onward. All the same, it’s not easy to play a job in dire need of help and to have to wait weeks for basic numbers adjustments.

Machinist and Summoner players shouldn’t lose hope just yet; Yoshida’s team might be cautious in adjusting jobs this time around, but the game has made significant overhauls to jobs in content patches in the past, not just expansion releases. Astrologians experienced huge buffs in the final few patches of Heavensward, and earlier than that, Warriors had their entire core mechanic uprooted and replaced in Patch 2.1. For all we know, the Final Fantasy XIV development team is working on such fixes for Summoner and Machinist now, and Patch 4.0.6 is just a temporary fix to help Summoners and Machinists until those changes are live. At this point, the best thing to do is to wait for Patch 4.0.6 this Tuesday, play around with the adjusted jobs, and make sure the development team hears player feedback about the changes on the Official Forums.

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