The Twelve has blessed us with some juicy news about 5.3, so it’s time to discuss it all. The 5.3 website is out, and it comes packed with some pictures and descriptions of upcoming content. Plus – Yoshi-P did his usual pre-patch interviews with JP gaming press, and A LOT of information was revealed, including all you need to know about the new Relic system: Save The Queen and Southern Bozja Frontlines – Unforgiven, Unforgotten. Sorrows of Werlyt, Faux Hollows, and Ishgard Restoration is also among the topics! We even read a few MogMails! Welcome to Episode 204!


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00:00 Intro
1:29 Welcome, Channel Updates, and this week in XIV
6:54 Recent Events: ISP Maintenance on EU Datacenter
9:04 The 5.3 Website
23:50 Yoshi-P 5.3 Interviews
1:23:45 MogMail
1:44:26 Ending