Banri Oda sat down for a Q&A with 4Gamer last week, and some of the questions yielded some VERY interesting answers. We also report on the Chaos DDoS attack, and the Cruise Chaser mount going on the Online Store…

Alisaie CG Artwork:

Banri Oda Q&A:


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0:00 Intro
1:26 Welcome & Updates
3:12 Recent Events: Chaos DDoS
5:07 Recent Events: Shadowbringers OST on Spotify
7:47 Recent Events: Alisaie CG Artwork
9:10 Recent Events: Cruise Chaser on the Store
19:06 Banri Oda Q&A
59:30 Shadowbringer Review Part 2: MSQ Patch Stories & Final Thoughts