During the mana stress test last week Yoshi-P “leaked” some new information about a certain fight getting a facelift in Endwalker. We also read a very interesting excerpt from an interview with Yoshi-P by Famitsu where he sheds some more light on Emet Selch and his disappointment in the WoL. We ALSO read some interviews with the dev team from Fan Fest earlier this year, translated by Akh Morning.

Emet Selch interview translation: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srq41a

Akh Morning Interviews Part 1: https://www.akhmorning.com/news/famitsu-developer-interview-fanfest-2021-part-1/#the-structure-of-old-sharlayans-design-is-based-on-past-settings

Akh Morning Interviews Part 2: https://www.akhmorning.com/news/famitsu-developer-interview-fanfest-2021-part-2/#describing-the-charm-of-the-new-instrument-electric-guitar-by-hayashi

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0:00 Intro
1:26 Welcome & Updates
3:36 Recent Events: FFXIV Online Store Sale
7:16 Recent Events: FFXIV Congested Servers update
15:02 Recent Events: Changes to preferred and congested worlds
18:57 Recent Events: ARR 8th anniversary & Tales from the Twilight
21:10 Mana Data Center Stress Test News
28:38 Yoshi-P talks about Emet Selch
37:22 Dev Team Interviews