The embargo has been lifted, and we’ve been flooded with information from all our favorite XIV content creators. Let’s discuss the stuff we know, and analyze. It’s time to get HYPED!! This is part one which covers the new areas, the dungeon, and the job changes. Also, stubble.


– Stubble (Gamer Escape):
– Old Sharlayan Tour (Fanbyte):
– Garlemald Tour (Fanbyte):
– Thavnair Tour (Fanbyte):
– Tower of Zot (Curiousjoi):
– All job changes info from Gamer Escape:
– Summoner Changes by Larryzaur:

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Welcome & Updates
3:37 Recent Events: Moogle Treasure Trove Returns
6:33 FFXIV the most profitable FF-game
11:00 Endwalker Menu Screen
11:50 The Stubble
14:46 Area: Old Sharlayan
22:04 Area: Garlemald
28:11 Area: Thavnair
33:03 Tower of Zot
37:27 Job Changes: Paladin
46:13 Job Changes: Warrior
52:47 Job Changes: Dark Knight
57:13 Job Changes: Gunbreaker
1:03:26 Job Changes: Astrologian
1:15:28 New Job: Sage
1:29:02 Job Changes: Scholar
1:34:35 Job Changes: White Mage
1:44:51 Job Changes: Dragoon
1:50:05 Job Changes: Monk
1:57:17 Job Changes: Ninja
2:04:51 Job Changes: Samurai
2:09:27 New Job: Reaper
2:15:21 Job Changes: Bard
2:21:03 Job Changes: Dancer
2:26:00 Job Changes: Machinist
2:30:57 Job Changes: Summoner
2:35:08 Job Changes: Red Mage
2:41:18 Job Changes: Black Mage
2:50:13 Wrap up