Matsuno and Yoshi-P sat down with Famitsu and discussed the Save The Queen storyline, and might have revealed future plans for more Dalmasca story down the line! We also discuss and review the five Tales from the Twilight stories, and read your MogMail!

Minimum Ilvl Baelsar’s Wall Blindfolded: Coming Soon


HQ Items Changes:

Famitsu Interview with Matsuno & Yoshi-P Translation:

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0:00 Intro
1:29 Welcome & Updates
2:42 Recent Events: HQ Items Changes
9:40 Recent Events: Changes to preferred worlds
13:20 Tales from the Twilight Review & Discussion
53:22 MogMail
1:04:54 Matsuno & Yoshi-P Famitsu Interview
1:37:19 Minimum Ilvl Pull & Wheel of Doom

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