Hello Eorzeans!

Shadowbringers is nigh! In just 2 days we finally throw wide the gates to the First! But before we do, we at Speakers of Hydaelyn wishes to send Stormblood off with a parade!
If you have a character (at lvl 70) on Chaos – make sure to visit Ragnarok today at 9pm BST to join in on the last walk around the maps of Stormblood while they’re still relevant.

We start our parade at the Seekers of Hydaelyn Headquarters in Shirogane, Plot 60, 13th Ward – and end in the Royal Menagerie – after which we all teleport to Mor Dhona and walk to the Crystal Tower where we all take a big group photo! The last photo taken as Warriors of Light!

The parade will be long, so don’t worry if you can’t make it from the very beginning. We will be walking through all the Stormblood maps, and visit most of the important areas (some areas are skipped as they would disrupt the flow of the parade).

June 26th 2019
Parade prep starts at 8.30pm BST, but feel free to show up before this time.
Parade starts: 9pm BST.

World: Ragnarok. Data Center: Chaos.
Place: Shirogane, Plot 60, Ward 13.

* The parade will be streamed live on the Speakers Network Twitch channel.

Here’s the route, map by map, in order:

At the end of the Azim Steppe stretch we do our first teleport to The Peaks in Gyr Abania! (There will be a short stop here to allow everyone to zone in).

From here we teleport one last time to Mor Dhona and walk to the Crystal Tower.

This is where the parade officially ends, and a group photo is taken!
Hope to see you there!

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