Rodrick Tia

Rodrick Tia as he appears post-Calamity.

Rodrick Tia is a character from the Speakers Network series “Secrets of a Realm“. He is a male tribeless Miqo’te of 24 summers that accompanies Lukile Bravestone on his post-calamity explorations.

Little is known of what happened to Rodrick’s original tribe. The tribe was most likely killed off by the Garleans during the invasion of Ala Mhigo.

The Street Cat

Rodrick Tia Pre-Calamity. Approx. 19 summers old.

Rodrick grew up in the streets of Ala Mhigo, tribeless and alone. He lived off drawing ornate maps of the city and surrounding areas and selling them for very little coin to Ala Mhigan Garlean nobles. Because the money earned on honest mapmaking was so low, Rodrick also lived off pickpocketing. For years the young Miqo’te slept in the streets of Ala Mhigo, or if he was unable to find a place where the city guard wouldn’t find him, he’d sleep in the dry and desolate plains of The Lochs.


After making it through 18 summers, he decides to leave the Garlean controlled city-state behind. Wearing nothing but the clothes he stole off an unsuspecting Ala Mhigan taking a swim in a public bathhouse and his trusty map making tools, he begins his journey towards the free world.

The Road To Limsa


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