Video Series


Secrets of a Realm is a videos series looking closer at dungeons that was abandoned in Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, and give a full tour of the dungeons that no one ever ran.

The Fall and Rise of Final Fantasy XIV is a documentary series taking a detailed look at how Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 started, struggled and finally died – only to be reborn a year later. Essential viewing for any FFXIV fan.

Speakers Plays is the Speakers Network Let’s Play series. This is a series where the Speakers play through games, be it Final Fantasy XIV, any of the other FF-titles or non-FF games.

Remnants of a Realm is a video series looking closer at areas and locations that did or didn’t survive the calamity and comparing the 1.0 versions to the 2.0 version.


Chronicles of a Realm is a video series re-telling the Main Scenario of Final Fantasy XIV 1.0. The series also covers select side-quests and Grand Company quests. Expected to make its debut in September/October 2017.