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PCGamesN has interview Kate Cwynar about the upcoming FFXIV Expansion Dawntrail, and we read through it and discuss. We also discuss the Xbox version full release date, the new moon mount, and the upcoming Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide event. And of course – we read MogMail: Topics ranging from variant dungeons to ascians and azem’s memory. Welcome.

PcGamesN Interview: https://www.pcgamesn.com/final-fantasy-xiv/ff14-dawntrail-interview-kate-cwynar

MogMail: https://speakersxiv.com/mogmail/

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:33 – Welcome
00:04:54 – RE: Moon Mount
00:08:15 – RE: Patch 6.58 Info
00:11:44 – RE: Xbox Release Date
00:20:15 – RE: Little Ladies’ Day & Hatching-Tide 2024
00:27:54 – RE: FFXIV 14-Hour Broadcast
00:30:27 – MogMail: Why was Azem’s memory awakened before?
00:37:59 – MogMail: Variant Dungeons Review
00:59:28 – Dawntrail Interview
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