Camp Revenant’s Toll” alt=”” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ /> 1.0 Mor Dhona

Camp Revenant’s Toll was situated in the north of Mor Dhona close to the entrance to Coerthas, with the Imperial Fortress, Castrum Novum to the southwest. The camp was founded in remembrance of a village that was destroyed by debris from the Battle of Silvertear skies. – OKAY – Story time! For those of you that were unaware, in the year 1562 – about 10 years before 1.0 begins, Mor Dhona looked, like this. Yes. This is Mor Dhona pre 1562. All was well, Adventurers’ biggest worry was fighting off Morbols and, yeah I guess that was it really. However, the Garlean Empire is thirsting for new land, and in an attempt to add another realm under Garlean rule, they pressed forward into Mor Dhona. However they made a massive mistake. Mor Dhona just so happened to have a guardian. Midgardsormr attacks the Imperial Flagship, the Agrius. The Agrius soon crashes into the fragile ground of Mor Dhona. During the impact, the ceruleum tanks inside the Agrius ignited and exploded, killing Midgardsormr and a wave of ceruleum and aetheric energy engulfed the region. The sudden flow of aether erupting from the ground of Mor Dhona caused massive crystals to form throughout the landscape. Transforming Mor Dhona into the desolate and bizarre landscape we know today. So that was the the story of the Battle of Silvertear Skies. Back to Revenant’s Toll!

The camp served as a safe haven for whoever was foolish enough to enter these hostile lands, and was of course equipped with an aetheryte crystal as well as a vendor and mender. In the main scenario, Revenant’s Toll played an important role when the Ala Mhigan resistance attempted to steal an imperial airship to be used for their cause to free Ala Mhigo – yes this was a thing even back in 1.0. Needless to say, it didn’t go that well, but we were served with this amazing cutscene. Just. Just watch this and enjoy. The camp would once again become significant towards the end of 1.0’s life as it was the closest fast travel point to Castrum Novum. The Garlean Fortress where big bulks of the game’s Seventh Umbral storyline took place. During the last moments of the game’s life, Camp Revenant’s toll was prone to attacks by Garleans, as the battle raged on all over Eorzea.

When the calamity finally struck, the Aetheryte at Camp Revenant’s Toll became unstable, and became engulfed in a corrupted crystal formation that forced the camp to be abandoned. Instead, a new Revenant’s Toll was to be constructed in a mountain pass that divides fogfens from the silvertear shoreline. Castrum Novum was rebuilt after the calamity and renamed Castrum Centri. The camp is still accessible today, however it is no longer functional and again, this is one of those things that people pass by without even thinking about it. But it’s all there. The tents, the corrupted aetheryte crystal, even the fences. You can find the destroyed camp to the west of Revenant’s Toll, just outside the walls, down the hill. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already. I find it to be quite a neat little leftover, and a cute little tip of the hat to 1.0.” alt=”” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ /> The broken remains of Camp Revenant’s Toll. The exploded aetheryte in the background.

Okay, that was Revenant’s Toll and it’s sad fate. Now let’s look at a feature from 1.0 that is still very much in the game – Retainers! In 1.0, Retainers were super important if you wanted to earn gil, just like today! But have you ever wondered why you have to station your Retainer in a specific City-State? Well wonder no more! If you watched the Fall and Rise episode about the Market Wards (link in the description), you’d know that you had to PHYSICALLY move to each city’s market wards, and thus you had to physically place your retainers in these wards. So if you were selling items in Limsa Lominsa for example (why would you though, we all know Ul’Dah was the shit), your customers had to be in Limsa to buy your wares. In 1.0 you could only employ one retainer, so you had to prioritize where to sell your stuff, as you couldn’t cover all the markets. This was later increased to 2. A clever way to prevent player monopolies, but also a horribly tedious system that thankfully got scrapped in 2.0. HOWEVER, for some reason they decided to keep the retainer location feature in the game. Now this makes very little sense, as the market boards are everywhere and so your retainers shouldn’t need to be stationed anywhere. But at least they didn’t just leave it there as a useless function. In 2.0, purchasing an item from a retainer not in your current area will apply a special fee. And in some cases, tax may be lowered in certain markets, making it more appealing to sell your goods there. Now what really doesn’t make sense is the actual retainer itself, or more specifically, the retainer creation process. In 1.0, you could choose between preset retainers, or you could just go YOLO and randomize the retainer.” alt=”” width=”1824″ height=”1024″ /> 1.0 Retainer selection process.

This made somewhat sense in 1.0, as your retainer would be visible to everyone in the game, but in 2.0 not only did they allow you to choose your retainer’s appearance – they made it like a full-on character creation process! This makes so little sense when you think about the fact that your retainer is only ever visible to you (we are talking about 2.0 here, so ignore the estate grounds feature that was added later). I guess it’s a nice thing to have your retainer look the way you want, but all in all, this is one of those 1.0 leftovers that really doesn’t need to be there, or does it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Okay, so let’s just get to the feature that is no longer in the game.

MOVEMENT PHYSICS” alt=”” width=”1832″ height=”1028″ />

I get this one a lot, so I guess we’ll cover this. In 1.0, your character moved like this. With weight being put into the start and end of a movement. This was to promote the sense of realism mantra Tanaka has promoted for the initial release of 1.0. However when you move in 2.0, your character seems to weigh next to nothing. Now some people are really upset about this, as they enjoyed the realism aspect of how the characters moved.

In 1.0, most of the fights were done standing still, this was especially the case for casters. There were few aoes to dodge and nothing really required fast motion. In 2.0, the game went from a calm battle system to a quicker and more intense battle system that required quick movement. With the 1.0 animations, the time it took to move from one direction to another was quite significant, and there was no way to speed up the process with a sprint action because, well… there was no sprint feature in 1.0. So this would not fly well in fights like Titan in 2.0. So although motion physics were nice to look at in 1.0, you have to remember that 1.0 was a slower paced game with less dodging involved. It’s okay to miss the movement physics, but we should also appreciate that the game’s combat is more fast paced, and frankly, more fun.

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