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🔥 Another month has passed, and we’re back with Speakers Network’s Highlights for March! 🔥 As a special treat, join Lukile, Maela, Rollo, and Gyorgy as they relive the funniest and most memorable moments from our Twitch streams, featuring fan-favorite games like God of War Ragnarök, Dead Space, Final Fantasy XIV, and the Resident Evil 4 Remake!👍

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Dive into this month’s compilation filled with laughter, unexpected surprises, and familiar moments from our gaming adventures! 🤣🎉

🎮 God of War Ragnarök: Maela’s got Cornwall’s “Brown Willy” on his travel wishlist, while Lukile struggles with a boss fight, complete with chimpanzee sounds! Plus, the notorious axe-throwing struggle continues. And don’t miss a bonus clip of Atreus stuck on scenery!

👻 Dead Space: Laugh as Lukile tries to read lore amidst constant NPC interruptions, and gets spooked by even the smallest surprises. Meet Meaty, our bugged-out monster friend!

⚔️ Final Fantasy XIV: Witness our quirky strategy to attract new viewers with kinetic sand, soap cutting, and Subway Surfers! Delve into the chaotic Deep Dungeon “Eureka Orthos,” and join our post-show podcast where we discuss apocalypse survival strategies and unveil Gyorgy’s unexpected struggle with building a simple planter!

🧟‍♂️ Resident Evil 4 Remake: Experience Lukile’s gun-wielding fistfight, his not-so-stealthy segment, and an unfortunate crow encounter. Watch as he accidentally destroys a shed while trying to take down a zombie!

Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share these memorable moments with your fellow gamers! 🔥🎮🎉

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