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Orange and Lukile once again grasp at straws while covering up that they forgot what day it was and came unprepared to the podcast. Honestly, how is this podcast even real…

Anyway, hey welcome to the description. You’re probably wondering “wow, golly gee (is that how you type that? whatever), Lukile and/or Orange sure must love writing descriptions.” Well here’s the thing: they don’t. I’m the guy in charge of the descriptions. Let’s call me… Parry Hotter.


✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ 3.5 Main Story – SPOILERS so please be careful if you haven’t been spoiled by the achievement before the patch yet. Kinda involves Papa Lymo, as I like to call him ;))) They also claim they’re gonna make some sort of hand signal when they’re done talking about the spoilers, but they never do, bless. The spoilers end at 11:56. You’re welcome, love.

★ Some PvP ranting (mostly Frontline rant ofc, Feast is pretty a-ok now)

★ The Valentione’s event gets slapped a few times. I love a good slap.

★ The Bahamut Escape Room thing “Trials of Bahamut” is coming to the US this summer! http://realescapegame.com/ffxiv/

★ Some very random discussion about the Khloe ripoff Zhloe? Did she died? Where she at?

★ Some interesting information about the continuation of ‘The Fall and Rise’-series. Like the Renmants of a Realm thing. Sounds sick. Sick sick.

★ And lastly: If you’re on Ragnarok, join our Free Company, Seekers of Hydaelyn! (Seekers, not speakers.) kthxbai

Here’s the usual gibberish:

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No more links, no more information, just you and me baby. How are you doing? All good? Good. Did you watch the latest Fall and Rise Episode? Pretty dope huh….

If you’ve read this far, type… uhm… type “I see dead people” in the comments. They’ll get so confused and I’ll lose my job. Oh well. No one reads this anyway. See you on the next one! ♪ Let’s end it with the usual legal stuff:

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