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Episode XXXII of Speakers of Hydaelyn with special guest: Maela Vanadar! (Don’t worry, their audio starts working a few minutes in) With only one week before FanFest, Lukile, Orange and Maela give their predictions and discuss the possible outcomes of Fan Fest 2017 in Germany!

And we’re back in the description. Hello friend, Parry Hotter here…. Actually, I need a new name… Let me make one up. First thing that pops in my head. ok. here we go…. Banana. Okay, that didn’t work. Let’s move on.

Boy, they never do seem to get their audio to work properly do they? Well, I heard Lukile immediately went and ordered an audio mixer, so hopefully that ends the era of ear tearing audio quality and muted hosts… Anyway, look at me talking about stuff you don’t care about.
Let’s get to the stuff you’re here for:

✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Germany kicks off on Februrary 18th and we’ll finally get to know more about the upcoming expansion; Stormblood! Nobou Uematsu is confirmed for Fan Fest, and he’s doing signing sessions. Sadly, the tickets are all sold out already :'( In addition to that legend, another legend, Susan Calloway, makes an appearance in the form of a concert on Saturday the 18th, so you definitely want to keep an eye and ear out for that! (More information here: http://ffxiv-fanfest.com/eu/)

★ Important Information About Our Live Coverage:
Speakers of Hydaelyn will cover the event live, as usual with continuous commentary and screenshots from the live stream. If you watched the previous live coverage of the JP FanFest, you know the deal. The event will go live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_tpvdCwh0I

★Predictions about the Fan Festival:
Lukile is torn when it comes to the job reveal. Being a stout believer in Samurai, he has slowly started swaying towards Blue Mage – but does it make sense? He backtracks and finally concludes that it does not make any logical sense at this point to add Blue Mage. The other speakers agree, but the real question is: will we only get two jobs?

★ The Great Discussion
A brand new segment introduced in this episode. Basically it’s the same as the regular show, but they discuss stuff that you, the viewer, suggests. It does not have to be current, as long as it’s relevant. Send suggestions to [email protected].
Today’s topic was: «Is the HW patch cycle worse than the ARR patch cycle?»

★ At the end well… You should just watch that part cause… that’s some weird stuff. Jumping Bitch… that’s all I have to say.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through all this text, you are wonderful. And I was surprised to see someone doing the “I see dead people” comment from the previous video description. Thanks Risu64, you’re the best. Parry Hotter approves. Anyway, here’s the usual gibberish:

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Well, we have reached the end. What to do. Well, I guess I could write a short poem, but I won’t. Maybe in the next one. Yeah. Definitely in the next one. I’m off to get some new glamour and make Lukile jealous. See you around!

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