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Episode XXXIII of Speakers of Hydaelyn focuses on the mind blowing Fan Festival 2017 Keynote from Frankfurt. With Samurai being revealed as a melee DPS, Doma being the new location, the 4th residential district, and more!


Hello lovelies, welcome to the description, I’m Barry Much…. That’s my new name. I spent a whole week trying to come up with a new name. That was it. Anyway, let’s dive into this.

✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ The New Trailer – Oh my lords, what an opening that was, and right off the bat: Samurai cofirmed as well as Doma with a far eastern theme. Incredible stuff. An underwater city that looked a lot like a blitzball arena sphere shows up briefly – it was later confirmed at FanFest that Blitzball is planned and work on this has already started – please look forward to it. Full trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnFT1GH9cUE

★ Samurai – Samurai was once again confirmed as Yoshi-P enters the stage wearing a full Samurai outfit. The big kicker was the confirmation that Samurai would be a melee DPS! This made Orange and Lukile nervous, as the could only imagine the incredibly long queue times at launch day, but Yoshi-P claimed there was nothing to worry about. Guess we all just have to wait and see.
Also some interesting details dropped about the Samurai battle system, although it wasn’t quite as descriptive as Lukile wished it was.

★ New Areas – Kugane confirmed as a new City. From what Lukile could see from the gameplay footage presented, there were no zone dividers. Could this mean less zone dividers with Stormblood? Let’s pray for that!
Other areas included the second city called Yanxia and some overworld areas, including a neat area called the Ruby Sea.

★ New Beast Tribes – and their primal, Susano – Lord of the Revel. Orange is of course very happy to learn that this gives him two new beast tribes at launch.

★ The 4th Residential District – Shirugane was presented. Amazing. That’s literally all I have to say. Weeb heaven.

A pretty darn good episode if you ask me. Except for Orange’s weird stroke near the end. Hope y’all enjoyed! Okay, time for the links:

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That’s the poem I promised in the previous description. You’re welcome. See you in the next one! PEACE.

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