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In this episode of Speakers of Hydaelyn, Lukile is joined by Orange Caramel and Maela Vanadar. Tonight’s main topic is the Q&A and Live Letter presented at the Fan Festival in Frankfurt.

Aaand hello again. Welcome to the description, I’m your host killer Parry Mach (send help)! You look wonderful as always, is that a new zit? Very lovely. Lots of stuff happened during the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, so Lukile and the crew (Maela is new btw, hello to him) decided to cover the Live Letter. Please note that due to Streamlabs being down and YouTube outright refusing to start the stream, Lukile is flustered throughout the stream trying to figure out what was going on, bless. Anyway, let’s get to the meat of the podcast:

✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ Patreon is a thing now, for real. Lukile has been having lots of sleepless nights over this, as he doesn’t want to upset anyone by coming off as “begging” for money. We can assure you he’s not, but he will probably never be comfortable with it. The 100$ stretch goal is amazing. It will force them to host a 12 hour stream with Orange progressing from floor 50-200. If you want to support us, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/SpeakersXIV

★ The Q&A – Now, please bear with us here. The Q&A was mostly terrible. Except for a few good questions. Umbrella minion? Balmung please. There was mention of an in-game parser that wasn’t actually a parser… it was all a bit strange.

★ Patch 3.55 is coming out on Tuesday, February 28th and it has been split in two thanks to The Diadem ❤ Part 2 of the patch has the lovely version number 3.56 so it’s breaking the ARR patch number pattern. So Patch 3.55a comes out on the 28th of February, 3.55b is expected to follow it a week later, and there is still no confirmation on when 3.56 will be released, but it’s currently sitting at a possible march release.

★ Final Fantasy XIV won two Guiness World Records, for the longest credits in an MMO at a whopping 90 minutes, and for the most pieces of original music in an MMO at 387 original compositions. Congratulations dev team, well deserved. Final Fantasy itself (the franchise) won a World Record as well, as the most prolific rpg series in the world with 87 titles (!!!!!). Congratulations Square Enix!

★ Growing concern when it comes to the Samurai/Red Mage release as they both are DPS. We love worrying in this podcast, so they went on for a while discussing back and fourth how this is gonna go down on launch day.

★ There is also a terrifying rumour when it comes to the Nintendo Switch and a possible port coming out. Did we really leave the PS3 just to be reeled into the Switch? Gods forbid…

★ In the Great Discussion: Does the Mog Station hurt the game?
This was a highly requested discussion as this was brought up in one of our earliest episodes back when the Mog Station’s cash shop was introduced.

★ The ending is… always interesting.


So that was that. I hope you enjoyed the read. I enjoyed typing it. Hope we meet again in the next one! Here are the links to all the things:

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Okay, this is the end. Thanks again for reading, and watching the podcast. We love you so much. See you in the next description, Adventurer!

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