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Lukile, Orange and Maela discuss patch 3.55a, Zhloe, the Little Ladies’ Day event, the dreaded Proto Ultima incident – and today’s great discussion: Is ERP becoming too prevalent in FFXIV?

And hello again, dear reader, welcome to the description, I’m Barry Christmas. You look wonderful as always. New haircut? Did you shave? Lovely. Gods what a week it has been, huh. Patch 3.55a sure turned out to be full of surprises. Well, mostly one massive one.
Anyway, let’s get riiight into the podcast:

✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ Patch 3.55a was released this week, containing the Umbrite relic quest nerf, the last step of the relic quest, the new Feast map and Proto Ultima. The boys found most of these things satisfactory, except for… Proto Ultima.

★ Proto Ultima – Now this subject seems to have the community split right down the middle. Some defend it, others hate the implementation. All three hosts agree that this fight was horribly implemented, seeing as Proto Ultima has been seen in Azys Lla for years “charging up” only to appear in Dun Scaith as a trash boss replacement. People that argue that “they said they would add the Fan Fest fight in the game, and so they did” clearly missed the whole Dun Scaith aspect, as people playing the fight during Fan Fest did not have to do Dun Scaith to get to the boss. Overall a very disappointing fight that was hyped too much by the community, and very little clarification done by SE before the patch released.

★ The New Emotes – This would probably have been way more accepted if it was added in a patch without Proto Ultima. The guys argue that although the emotes are fun (and Lukile bought the /pdead emote immediately), the timing of these rather expensive emotes was rather unfortunate.

★ Zhloe – This piece of content was added two days after patch 3.55a, and got the thumbs up by all the Speakers. Surprised by the amount of work that was clearly put into this system, they argued that this could very well be the future of crafting weeklies, as the old scrip system is rather stale and unrewarding, whereas Zhloe provides a story to everything you trade in, making it all so much more interesting. In addition to that there is a “main story” arch that keeps evolving as your reputation grows. Thumbs up from me as well!

★ Yoshi-P made several interviews the past week, with Famitsu, Dengeki and Gamewatch, and lots of information was dropped related to Samurai and Red Mage (like Red Mage using INT gear and Samurai’s “Sen” battle system is more like MNK’s system rather than the NIN’s Mudra system)

★ Little Ladies’ Day – With the event that came to Eorzea the day after the patch, a lot of the initial Proto Ultima disappointment disappeared, as the event was great fun and had some really nifty rewards. The new emote was generally viewed as incredibly high quality and Orange’s character name finally got justified.

★ Some news about the Diadem, as datamining revealed that the gear that drops there is Aetherial. There are mixed feelings about how the new Diadem is going to be, with Orange being the least excited (as always). Orange bets the highest ilvl weapons that drop there will be i255, while Lukile would be outraged if that was the case, setting the bar higher at 260 – 270. We shall see in a few days! If the weapons are i255, Lukile will change to lalafell, and if it’s above 255, Orange has to change to lalafell. Exciting times ahead indeed.

★ Pax East is happening soon. More specifically on Saturday, March 11th 2017 at 12 pm EST / 9am PST / 4pm GMT.
Hopefully some new stuff will be revealed during that event.

★ Player Getting Banned Over Chargeback – This is a pretty well known case now thanks to Reddit. Thankfully this got resolved, but Square Enix seriously has to update the Mog Station to a 2017 standard.

★ The Great Discussion – Cringe edition – Is ERP Becoming too prevalent in FFXIV? Just watch this and enjoy as Lukile starts to realize the horrors of his past.


And we have reached the end. Thanks for spending the time with me. I always appreciate it. Hope to see you in the next one, as always! You want to see something cool? Well, I have some links for ya, those are pretty cool:


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