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Lukile, Orange and Maela go through and discuss the recent Pax East interviews with Yoshi-P, as well as giving their final verdict on Patch 3.55b aka The Diadem 2.0. Also: FFXIV Mystery Box for the EU.

Aaaand we’re back lads and ladettes! Barry Mhach here with another saucy description. Are you feeling okay? I mean, after all that Pax goodness? Good good. I am felling pretty good too.
Let’s get to the meat of the matter then:

✿In Today’s Episode✿

★ PAX East happened – The Q&A session was a bit of a farce according to the hosts, but the following interviews were heaps and bounds better. Lots of very cool stuff was discussed, such as Free Company Alliances, Glamour logs, open world content, you name it. It’s really interesting stuff! FFXIV has a very interesting future indeed!

★ Patch 3.55b was released, and with it: The Diadem 2.0! What does the crew think? Watch to find out! Spoiler: They don’t hate it!

★ FFXIV Mystery Box – EU only. Contains leftover items from the NA Fan Fest. Is it just expensive trash?


And that’s it for the topics. Short and consise. Anyway, it’s time to look at some shiny links:


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And with that, we’ve definitely reached the end my friends. Hope you enjoy(ed) the episode and my description. See you all in the next one. Take care Speakers!

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